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Turkey blames int''l community for Syrian conflict

Turkey blames int''l community for Syrian conflict
ISTANBUL, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu Friday held the international community fully responsible for what was happening in Syria.
Addressing a meeting of the Turkish-European parliamentary committee in Ankara, Davutoglu said Turkey alone bore consequences of the conflict in Syria at a time not a single European voice condemned the hostilities in Syria.
He wondered why the European Parliament was silent at the event at the outset of the conflict.
"Will the European Union (EU) act following the murder of 700,000 Syrians for example?" asked Davutoglu who said the UN Security Council has lost credibility.
He called for for the immediate start of a political dialogue between the opposition and those who have not killed Syrians. (end) ta.bs KUNA 152020 Feb 13NNNN