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EU reiterates support for dialogue in Bahrain

BRUSSELS, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- The European Union Friday said it is encouraged by the re-launch of the National Dialogue in Bahrain last Sunday, and reiterated the High Representative's Catherine Ashton's support to the process.
"Yesterday marked the second anniversary of the resurgence of unrest in Bahrain. The EU is closely following the demonstrations called for by the opposition to commemorate the anniversary," Ashton's spokesman Michael Mann said in statements to reporters.
"It is indispensable that all sides contribute constructively and genuinely to the ongoing national reconciliation process, in order to lay the necessary foundations to rebuild trust and tackle socioeconomic grievances and other outstanding issues thereby preparing the ground for sustainable reforms," said Mann.
"The EU reaffirms its readiness to support the process as and when requested by the Bahrainis," added the statement. (end) nk.hb KUNA 151852 Feb 13NNNN