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Egypt, EU seek further cooperation - Morsi

(With photos) CAIRO, Jan 13 (KUNA) -- Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi Sunday underlined solid relations with the European Union (EU), saying that future horizons were promising for both sides.
At a joint news conference with visiting President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy following their talks, Morsi said the strong bilateral relations reflected EU's keenness on further cementing these ties at all political and social levels.
He said they discussed expansion of cooperation programs between Egypt and EU. Morsi appreciated EU's support for the democratic transition in Egypt.
Morsi added the building of institutions would be completed following the parliamentary elections.
The Egyptian president also praised the EU positions which were based on general humane and legal principle vis-a-vis the Syrian conflict and the Middle East peace process.
Van Rompuy, meanwhile, said they have discussed the political and economic conditions in Egypt, affirming backing to Egypt's democratic transition.
He said the entire world was watching the reform process in Egypt, which has been a major player in the international scene and in the Middle East.
"The Europeans want the new democracy in egypt to succeed," he said.
The EU official said Egypt's multi-billion-dollar loan agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would pave way for larger credit facilities thus helping in restoring confidence of the international investors and economic partners.
Van Rompuy, who is on a tour that will also take him to Tunisia, said they discussed the Syrian conflict and the Palestinian issue.
He said he and Morsi agreed that the massacres in Syrian should stop, and the EU believed that President Bashar Al-Assad should step down to facilitate a comprehensive democratic transition. (end) rg.bs KUNA 132109 Jan 13NNNN