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"Sakhir Declaration" calls for implementing GCC integration resolutions

MANAMA, Dec 25 (KUNA) -- Leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) at the conclusion of the 33rd Summit here on Tuesday assured commitment towards implementing all Security Council resolutions in relation to Gulf integration in various fields, and committing to the timeline set for the establishment of a joint GCC market, and overcoming obstacles facing the implementation of the customs union.
That came in the Sakhir declaration, that was read by the Secretary General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Abdulatif Al-Zayani, in presence of the GCC leaders, after the announcement of the final communique.
The declaration stressed the importance of strengthening the role of the GCC General Secretariat in implementing the Supreme Council's decision, in addition to working to strengthen GCC citizenship values in various fields.
Highlighting the importance of enhancing social bonds among Gulf societies, and facilitating economic work for GCC citizens to expand cooperation, economic and social integration, in addition to intensifying communication between GCC parliaments in the interests of the Gulf countries.
Calling for the implementation of facilitating the transition of national manpower between Gulf states, and supporting national training institutes and universities, paving the way for GCC citizens to benefit alongside with citizens of each state.
The declaration stressed on the joint social security through developing military capabilities of each country, and committing to developing the joint defense system, to symbolize the Gulf solidarity and unity.
Sakhir declaration called upon the GCC General Secretariat to follow-up and implement all resolutions, and present a detailed report on this matter to the next Supreme Council meeting. (end) kt KUNA 251711 Dec 12NNNN