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Nine Israeli planes violate Lebanese airspace

BEIRUT, Oct 23 (KUNA) -- Nine Israeli military reconnaissance planes violated Lebanese airspace in separate times and flew over various areas, the Lebanese army announced on Tuesday.
In a statement, the army said that four Israeli planes violated airspaces over Kfar Kala village and circled over various towns and cities for more than an hour, adding that four other warplanes penetrated Lebanese airspaces and flew over other towns.
Also, another reconnaissance plane violated airspaces from over the sea in west Tyre, in south of the country, and circled over southern towns and Beirut.
Lately, the Israeli air force has intensified its flights over Lebanese airspaces, violating international resolution (1701) and other relevant resolutions by UN Security Council. (end) ayb.ma KUNA 232126 Oct 12NNNN