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19 Iraqis killed, 83 injured in new wave of blasts in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, Sept 9 (KUNA) -- Nineteen Iraqis were killed and 83 others injured in four car-bomb attacks in separate areas of the Iraqi capital, a security source said on Sunday.
The source said that a booby-trapped car exploded near a popular restaurant in the area of Al-Shola, killing five civilians, injuring 38 others, and causing financial losses to surrounding buildings and stores, adding that another car-bomb explosion occurred in the area of Al-Hurriya near a popular cafe, killing four and injuring 14.
In the same context, a parked car-bomb exploded in Al-Washash district in Al-Mansour area, west of Baghdad, killing seven civilians and injuring 21 others, the Iraqi police pointed out, adding that another car-bomb blast took place near a popular market in Al-Wehda neighborhood in Al-Madaaen area, south of Baghdad, killing three civilians and injuring 10 others.
Ambulances rushed into the scene to transport victims to hospitals, while security forces cordoned off the areas, where the explosions took place, and banned civilians from approaching them.
On the other hand, an anti-explosions force was able on late Sunday to dismantle a car-bomb that was set to explode in Al-Amin district, southeast of Baghdad, said the source.
The death toll of Iraqis killed by separate car-bomb attacks and confrontations in various Iraqi areas and governorates on Sunday rose to 61, beside 289 injured. (Pickup previous) mag.ma KUNA 092237 Sep 12NNNN