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Iraq says ready to retaliate against cross-border attack from Syria

BAGHDAD, Sept 8 (KUNA) -- Iraq Saturday condemned the rocket attack against Al-Qa'em area, asserting the Iraqi forces would be ready to retaliate if such assault recurred.
Interior ministry undersecretary Adnan Al-Asadi, in a statement, "condemns the criminal act against the people of Al-Qa'em area in the city of Al-Ramadi when four rockets fired from the Syrian side fell in the area which killed and injured some of our citizens." Iraq, said Al-Asadi, was ready to retaliate. "Iraq has a neutral position of the Syrian crisis and our forces will be ready to retaliate in case such operation is repeated." A security source said mortar shells were fired from the Syrian border area of Al-Bukamal killing a baby girl and injuring three civilians of the same family.
He said the explosions also caused damage to the house they hit. (end) mhg.bs KUNA 081947 Sep 12NNNN