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Al-Qaeda leader killed in airstrike SE Yemen

SANAA, Sept 2 (KUNA) -- Eight Al-Qaeda militants, including one senior leader, were killed in an airstrike that targeted their vehicle in the city of Hadramawt, southeast of Yemen, Yemeni defense ministry said on Sunday.
In a statement, the ministry said that Al-Qaeda leader Khaled Batis was killed in an airstrike last Friday that targeted a vehicle carrying nine Al-Qaeda militants in an area within Hoora directorate, adding that Batis' family have recognized his body. Meanwhile, the search is still on for identifying the rest of the killed ones.
On the other hand, 15 people were killed in US drone airstrike that targeted a vehicle in Al-Bayda governorate, southeast of Yemen, Yemeni media reported on Sunday.
It noted that the airstrike was targeting suspected Al-Qaeda militant Abdulraouf Al-Dahab. However, no official statement has been issued on this incident. (end) az.ma KUNA 022038 Sep 12NNNN