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Sudan president rejects resignation of aviation chief

KHARTOUM, Aug 23 (KUNA) -- Sudan's President Omar Al-Bashir has rejected a resignation application from the Sudanese Civil Aviation Corporation (SCAC) chief Mohammed Abdul Aziz, on the backdrop of a recent plane crash that killed 32 state and army officials.
Last Sunday, 32 state officials were killed in the crash in South Kordofan state, including Khartoum's state minister for youth and sports and the state minister for tourism the education minister for the capital state of Khartoum and three generals.
"The president ordered the director general (Abdul Aziz) to continue with reforms and a newly-approved program related to the development of the corporation and its supervision status," SCAC Executive Director Adel Othman Abdullah was quoted by Sudanese news agency (SANA) as saying.
At least 30 people died in 2008 when a plane belonging to the state's flagship Sudan Airways burst into flames upon landing in Khartoum, with an earlier crash in 1998 also claiming the life of former vice president Maj. Gen. Zubair Mohamed Salih. (end) hha.mb KUNA 232311 Aug 12NNNN