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Diyala governor killed in car crash

BAGHDAD, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- The governor of Diyala province Hisham Al-Hayali along with his wife, son, one relative and two of his bodyguards were killed last night in a car crash on a road link between Baquba and Suleimaniyah, Al-Hayali's media advisor said on Sunday.
In a press statement, Jamal Shaker, advisor for the Diyala Provincial Council for media affairs, said the car crash occurred on the highway between Khanaqin district, in north Baquba, and Kalar district of Suleimaniyah.
According to Iraqi police, the crash resulted in the death of Al-Hayali, his wife, his son, and one of his relatives.
Last March, Al-Hayali, a member of the Iraqi Islamic Party, was unanimously elected as the new governor of Diyala province, succeeding Governor Abdulnasser Al-Mahdawoe, and was granted approval by the country's presidency on 24th of same month. (end) mag.rj.ma KUNA 191048 Aug 12NNNN