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Fahad Al-Ahmad Charity raises donations for Muslims of Burma

KUWAIT, Aug 9 (KUNA) -- Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmad charity organization opened on Thursday a humanitarian campaign to raise donations for Muslims of Burma at its offices in the six governorates of Kuwait.
The secretary of the organization, Dr. Hashem Al-Hashemi, said in statement today that the needs of Muslims in the Arkan region are concentrated in medical and food raw materials in addition to requirements of children.
Al-Hashemi added that the organization, with help of the good people in Kuwait, has continued aiding the Muslims of Burma since the beginning of the crisis there.
He noted that the organization renewed its relief campaign for the Muslims of Burma for six months, coinciding with the aid campaigns for Syria and Yemen, adding that there will be a visit to the rescue team of the organization of Arkan province to provide assistance directly.
Al-Hashemi stated that the previous campaign to raise the funds for the relief of the Muslims of Burma was fruitful, and the organization will continue cooperation in order to aid Muslims. (end) hmd.ysa.ss KUNA 091310 Aug 12NNNN