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Iraqi VP blasts Turkey''s "flagrant intervention" in Iraqi affairs

BAGHDAD, Aug 6 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Vice President Khudayr Al-Khuzai on Monday decried what he called flagrant intervention by Turkey in the domestic affairs of Iraq, citing the recent visit by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu to the oil-rich region of Kirkuk, north Iraq, without coordination with the federal government of Iraq.
"The Turkish behavior runs counter to all international diplomatic norms and harms the neighborly ties between the two countries," Al-Khuzai said during his meeting here with US acting ambassador to Iraq Robert Stephen Beecroft.
"The meeting focused on the latest political developments in Iraq and the bilateral ties," according to a statement issued by Al-Khuzai's office.
On Friday the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned Turkish Ambassador to Iraq to hand him a protest note against Davutoglu's visit to Kirkuk last week. (end) ahh.gb KUNA 062246 Aug 12NNNN