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Turkish army kill 39 PKK militants

ANKARA, July 31 (KUNA) -- The Turkish army said Tuesday its forces dealt a heavy blow to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in a large-scale operation conducted in Hakkari's ?emdinli district.
The operation, which started ten days ago, left 39 fatalities among the PKK ranks, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) reported on their website.
The military has destroyed depots of food, munitions and medicine belonging to the terrorist group in ?emdinli and killed a total of 39 PKK terrorists since the operations began last week.
The Turkish military launched the operation in the area on July 22 when PKK terrorists blocked the road of a village in the region and interrogated villagers. Troops from neighboring battalions were dispatched to the region to join the operation. The security forces have continued to open fire from land and air at PKK targets in the rural parts of Yigitler village in ?emdinli and in the Goman Mountains. The Turkish fighter jets shelled targets of the terrorist organization in the Hakurk and Ava?in-Basyan areas in northern Iraq. Cobra and Sikorsky helicopters were also used in the operation. (end) mm.gb KUNA 312104 Jul 12NNNN