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US working with Syria''s tribal leaders to oust Assad

WASHINGTON, July 23 (KUNA) -- The United States on Monday confirmed it was working with tribal leaders in Syria to build opposition against the Al-Assad regime.
State department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that Syrian tribe in the eastrn part of the country are "increasingly strong in their opposition of the Assad regime, in their interest in seeing change." "We are working with them as we are working with other groups, as are many of Syria's neighbors in the region," Nuland told reporters at a press briefing.
The State department is seeking to build collaborations between the tribes and opposition groups inside and outside of Syria in order to build a common strategy for transition and prepare for interim security if Al-Assad's regime steps down from power.
During the 2006 and 2007, Pentagon officials used a similar strategy during the height of conflict in Iraq.
As for the Syrian Presidents rule Nuland emphasized the end of the Syrian president and is his regime is imminent, "Assad is going to go. His regime is going to crumble. The question is simply how long." (end) hy.bs KUNA 232305 Jul 12NNNN