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Turkey boosts military deployment at Syria borders

ANKARA, July 22 (KUNA) -- The government of Turkey dispatched new military reinforcements to borders with Syria after reports of Syrian Free Army capturing a third border crossing with Turkey.
According to a statement quoted by Turkish news agency (Anadolu), two military convoys were sent to Turkish Mardin Province, bordering Syrian, adding that military units would include transportation vehicles of soldiers and equipment mainly for the air defense systems.
The report noted at the same time that the Turkish army has dispatched anti-missile Patriot batteries in various military border sites.
The Turkish military boost comes after reports of military escalation inside Syria between the Syrian Free Army and regime forces.
The reinforcement comes also after reports on the Syrian Free Army capturing two main border crossings with Iraq since the past three days. (end) mm.mb KUNA 222215 Jul 12NNNN