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Free Syrian Army claims control over three border posts

KUWAIT, July 19 (KUNA) -- The rebel Free Syrian Army said Thursday that they now control three border crossings with Turkey and Iraq after regime forces withdrawals from there under heavy gunfire.
The Army said in a statement received here that these crossings are Al-Salam Gate and Al-Hawa Gate on the borders with Turkey, and Bu-Kamal border crossing with Iraq.
The Army also broadcasted video clips in those centers, including footage of taking the old regime flag and Al-Assad photos from the offices inside.
On other fronts, the Liberation Army said that they also now control a security building in Al-Tal area of the suburb of Damascus, after heavy clashes which resulted in the destruction of three government tanks.
Meanwhile, the Syrian opposition Local Coordination Committees (LCC) said in a separate statement that the number of Syrian killed jumped to 94 people, among them women and children.
The LCC said rapid on the ground developments are taking place in various parts of the country, including heavy clashes between the Liberation Army and regime forces. (end) om.mb KUNA 192159 Jul 12NNNN