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UNICEF voices concerns over abuses against children in Iraq

BAGHDAD, July 16 (KUNA) -- The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has reiterated concerns over the continuous violence and human rights abuses against children in Iraq.
UNICEF remains concerned about the indiscriminate violence that continues to violate the rights of children in Iraq, the UN children agency said in a press statement.
It pointed out that it continues to closely monitor, report, advocate on and respond to grave violations committed against children in Iraq, including: the recruitment of children as soldiers and fighters, killing and maiming, abduction, sexual abuse, and attacks on schools and hospitals.
For the first half of 2012, UN monitoring and reporting mechanism, MRM, has documented that at least 49 children have been killed and a further 169 wounded in different violent incidents, it said.
Moreover, at least 84 children have been killed and a further 130 wounded in 2011.
It added that a total of 29 incidents affecting children rights for education and health services were documented by the MRM network.
On the occasion of Day of the Iraqi Child, the UNICEF office in Baghdad urged all Iraqi officials to join efforts in making Iraq more fit for children by investing in the basic needs of children.
UNICEF marks the Day of the Iraqi Child on July 13th every year in commemoration of the death of dozens of children from a car bombing on the same day in 2005. (end) ahh.ibi KUNA 162205 Jul 12NNNN