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Fahad Al-Ahmad charity organization launches orphan fund within its Ramadan campaign

KUWAIT, July 16 (KUNA) -- Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmad charity organization has launched its orphan fund, which sponsors orphans of the Islamic world, in order to provide them with a better access to education and a decent life.
The Secretary of the organization, Dr. Hashem Al-Hashemi announced in a statement to KUNA on Monday that the project is to contribute to the fund by donors through a monthly deductions starting from KD 10.
"The fund would enable the organization to issue sponsorships for orphaned children in the affected areas directly, without having to go back to the donor, which enables the organization to sponsor the largest number of orphans and to contribute to alleviate the hardships of their living and education," Al-Hashemi added.
The project will obtain a leading role in ensuring the orphans' sponsorships overcoming many of the obstacles that the committees and charities previously faced regarding the sponsorships of orphans and following up on their living, which does not cost more than KD 15.
Al-Hashemi concluded by saying that the donors will receive reports to follow up on the most prominent achievements of their sponsorships. (end) amn.tb.ba KUNA 161608 Jul 12NNNN