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25 people killed in landmine blasts S. Yemen

SANAA, June 24 (KUNA) -- Twenty five people, including several children, were killed in landmine blasts that were planted by Al-Qaeda militants prior to their departure from Abyan governorate in southern Yemen, Yemen Executive Mine Action Center (YEMAC) said on Sunday.
In a press statement, Qaed Saleh Al-Jehafi, director of YEMAC, said that three engineers working in disarming planted mines program were among the killed ones, noting that six engineering teams began disarming mines which were planted by Al-Qaeda militants in several districts such as Lahboush, Zanjibar, Al-Koud, and Shaqra before they fled two weeks ago.
Also, Al-Jehafi pointed out that there are currently four awareness teams to tell citizens of not to approach suspicious objects and stay vigil when entering homes.
In addition, he said that engineering teams have managed to clear and explode 2,119 shells and explosive devices, while 312 others have not blown up yet. (end) az.ma KUNA 242212 Jun 12NNNN