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Yemen''s Transition Agreement should serve as model for peaceful transition - UN

 UNITED NATIONS, May 29 (KUNA) -- UN Special Envoy for Yemen Jamal Ben Omar on Tuesday said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon believes Yemen's Transition Agreement could be a model to achieve peace in other situations in the region.
With the Syrian crisis in mind, he told the Security Council that Ban asked him to continue to work closely with the Council, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and others to "facilitate the effective implementation of Yemen's Transition Agreement as a model for peaceful change that could offer valuable lessons for other situations in the region".
He said the "success or failure of the National Dialogue is likely to make or break Yemen's transition. Helping to ensure its success will therefore be the UN's top priority in Yemen in the coming months, and we look forward to working closely with other international actors who can offer support for this process".
He said that while Yemen's transition "remains largely on track, it cannot take place under the shadow of continued military threats," in an indirect reference to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and family members.
He said those who "encourage sabotage and obstruction from behind the scenes must know that they are being observed, that they will be held accountable and the international patience is starting to wear thin".
Those who do not live up to their commitment to peace and to implement the transition agreement, he warned, "should be prepared to be held to account by the Yemeni people and the Security Council," adding that Ban "remains concerned about efforts to undermine Yemen's transition".
On the security situation, he said Al-Qaida "continues to pose a major threat. However, President (Abd Rabbo Mansour) Hadi's efforts to combat the advance of Al-Qada in the south and elsewhere are beginning to bear fruit". (end) sj.bs KUNA 300031 May 12NNNN