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France condemns Damascus bombings, blames regime for conflict

PARIS, May 10 (KUNA) -- French authorities on Thursday condemned two bomb explosions in the Syrian capital, Damascus, earlier in the day but sought to blame the Syrian regime for the conflict and enduring violence.
"France firmly condemns the two bombings that have just taken place in Damascus which have caused dozens of victims and wounded," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
"Once again, these tragic events demonstrate the urgency of a full implementation of Security Council resolutions 2042 and 2043 as well the Kofi Annan plan in order to end the crisis by assuring a peaceful and democratic transition," it added.
At the same time, Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero blamed the Syrian regime for overall responsibility for the conflict and the 11,000 deaths in the past 13 months.
"The regime bears all the responsibility for the horrors that Syria is living," Valero said.
He said Damascus has refused to listen to calls from the international community to cater to the "legitimate and peaceful demands" of the Syrian people.
"By choosing blind and brutal repression, the regime has pushed itself into a spiral of violence without end," Valero remarked.
He said this had threatened regional stability and that the Annan plan was a last chance to avert all-out war in Syria. (end) jk.hb KUNA 101547 May 12NNNN