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Kuwait Genetic Conference urges creation of national DNA database

KUWAIT, April 18 (KUNA) -- Participants in the Fourth International Medical Genetics Conference called here on Wednesday for the creation of a national DNA database to help draw a map of genetic diseases.
In statements to KUNA, Dr. Makia Marafie, member of the organizing committee and expert at Kuwait Medical Genetic Center, said that the final communiqu{ underlined the importance that this database should include the all genetic variations that affect human diseases.
The conferees called for equipping Kuwait Medical Genetic Center with latest technology to conduct more researches on potential causative genetic variations.
"This will lead to speedier, better and cheaper diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders," Marafie said.
The participants said Kuwait Medical Genetic Center should start diagnosing oral and dental problems related to genetic disorder.
The State of Kuwait should also more encourage and support scientific research in the field of genetics. (end) fz.tb.ibi KUNA 181948 Apr 12NNNN