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Bolivia, Barbados tankers carry Syrian oil for India-Iran firm - AFAZ

KUWAIT, April 6 (KUNA) -- Syria's AFAZ Organization, a human rights body, said ships were transporting Syrian crude oil from Syrian seaports via the territorial waters of Arab countries.
AFAZ Chief Wesam Tarif said in a release three oil tankers, one from Barbados and the two others from Bolivia carried Syrian oil to the value of USD 200 million for an Indian-Iranian transport company.
One of the two Bolivian tankers crossed Egypt's Suez Canal in the last few hours, he said, adding that he had a document proving that the ship had paid USD 300,000 in tolls.
He urged the international community and Arab countries to be serious about sanctions on the Syrian government, making certain that Syrian oil earnings are used in funding attacks on civilians.
Tarif called for taking the Syrian case to the International Criminal Court (ICC) and imposing a weapon export ban on Syria.
Furthermore, he regretted that several countries pledged financial aid to the Syrian people, but no money turned up yet. (end) ek.mt KUNA 062115 Apr 12NNNN