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Death toll of Syria attacks up to 140

KUWAIT, April 2 (KUNA) -- The death toll of attacks by Syrian regular forces on civilians on Monday rose to 140, including many women and children who were killed in Homs and Idleb.
Local Coordination Committees said that 75 unidentified corpses were found in the national hospital morgue in Homs, adding that the city is still under heavy shelling, especially in the town of Hai Baalba.
Also, the committees noted that around 8,000 displaced residents of Hai Baalba arrived in neighboring town of Turmalh, explaining that the situation is currently becoming out of control as more displaced people arrive amid expectations of arrival of thousands of others in the two coming days.
The regime's forces stormed the towns of Kafr Hood, Hama, and Hurayrah village, countryside of Damascus, raided the houses and randomly arrested large number of residents, the committees said, adding that around 50 armored vehicles and 40 military trucks were monitored as they were heading to Hurayrah Village.
Meanwhile, current clashes between Free Syrian Army and regime's forces are taking place in the town of Al-Asafeer at countryside of Damascus. (end) om.ma KUNA 022032 Apr 12NNNN