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Pan-European Islamic body calls for intensive action in support of al-Aqsa Mosque

BRUSSELS, March 25 (KUNA) -- The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE) Sunday issued a call to Muslims and to Islamic centres, organisations and mosques across the European Continent to dedicate the last week in March to intensive activities in support of the city of Jerusalem (al-Quds) and the al-Aqsa Mosque, given the escalating Israeli threats to the city, its holy sites, and the Palestinian inhabitants.
The initiative comes as part of worldwide efforts to support the just cause of Jerusalem, including the 'Global March to Jerusalem' on March 30, to condemn the Israeli occupation, said the FIOE in a statement.
The Federation voiced its deep concern regarding the situation in the city of Jerusalem, and the violations of the sanctity of the blessed al-Aqsa Mosque, and Muslim and Christian holy sites by the Israeli occupation and Jewish extremist groups.
Furthermore, it affirmed its solidarity with the Palestinian people, and demanded that they be allowed to regain their "stolen" rights, and realise their legitimate demands.
The Federation emphasised the importance of universal, concerted effort and cooperation to confront the arrogance of the Israeli occupation and aggressive policies against the city of Jerusalem and its inhabitants, as well as engaging in effective action to bring an end to these flagrant violations.
FIOE urged mosques across Europe to dedicate the sermon (Khutbah) on Friday, March 30, to reflect on the situation in Jerusalem, the merits of al-Aqsa Mosque, and the threat posed by the Israeli occupation to Jerusalem, its holy sites, and inhabitants, and the necessity of supporting this just cause, and showing solidarity with the Jerusalemites.
The Brussels-based FIOE is the umbrella organisation of hundreds of Islamic bodies and organisations in Europe. (end) nk.hb KUNA 251642 Mar 12NNNN