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Sanaa accuses Somali Muslim Youths of sending 300 fighters to Yemen

SANAA, March 11 (KUNA) -- The Yemeni Ministry of Interior on Sunday said that the Somali World Assembly for Muslim Youth sent nearly 300 of its militants to fight alongside with Al-Qaeda organization in Yemen against Yemeni governmental forces in Abyan province in the south of the country.
The Ministry's media security center affirmed that security forces captured four Somalis on the road that links between Abyan and Lahaj provinces, adding that the captured Somalis, aged between 25 and 32, were suspected of being linked to the Muslim Youths organization.
It noted that the four Somalis arrived in Yemen on March 2nd, adding that they are currently held in the department of criminal investigation in Lahaj province for further questioning and investigating procedures. (end) az.ma KUNA 112017 Mar 12NNNN