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Haniya urges Palestinian leaders to visit Gaza

GAZA, March 1 (KUNA) -- Prime minister of the dismissed Palestinian government in Gaza Ismail Haniya on Thursday called on all Palestinian leaders to visit Gaza to mark the beginning of the return to the enclave.
During a banquet meeting, held in honor of Hamas Politburo Member Imad Al-Alami who has recently returned to Gaza, Haniya said that his call carries many connotations, in which the first is unity of Palestine of which Gaza is part, second is unity of Palestinian people all around the country.
He pointed out that this meeting gathers all Palestinians without any exception, stressing the unified goal of liberating Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.
On his part, Al-Alami praised what he saw of resistance and challenge in Gaza, calling for the continuation of resistance in order to liberate Palestine. (end) mt.ma KUNA 012118 Mar 12NNNN