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French unemployment rate rises to 9.4 pct

PARIS, March 1 (KUNA) -- Unemployment in France rose in the fourth quarter of 2011, reaching 9.4 percent, 0.1 percent higher than year-earlier levels and there are now "officially" 2.7 million people out of work here, the National Statistics Institute (INSEE) said on Thursday.
However, INSEE noted that according to International Labour Office (ILO) calculations, which use different measurements, there are 3.4 million people in France "who are not working but want to work," some of whom are not registered on official jobless rolls.
Using the ILO calculations, France would have a jobless rate of 9.8 percent instead of the lower "official" rate.
INSEE pointed out that youth unemployment for people below 25 is running at close to 22 percent. (end) jk.asa KUNA 011335 Mar 12NNNN