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Bosnia praises Kuwait''s philanthropic role

(with photos) SARAJEVO, Jan 27 (KUNA) -- Head of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Dr. Mustafa Ceric praised the Kuwaiti role in supporting his country and people.
Moralistic and financial aid provided by the Government of Kuwait have left good impact among Bosnian people, Ceric said in a meeting with the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mohammad Khalaf.
He added that his discussions with the ambassador dealt with the Kuwaiti assistance, namely contributions to financing construction of the new Islamic headquarters in Sarajevo, which would manage affairs related to scholars and religious teaching.
Ceric admired the deep relations between Kuwait and Bosnia and Herzegovina on different levels.
For his part, the diplomat expressed gratitude for Ceric, due to his appreciation for the Kuwaiti efforts, noting that the Kuwait's position on Bosnia and Herzegovina is based on its foreign policy in aiding nations, especially Muslim countries. (end) aa.hs KUNA 271345 Jan 12NNNN