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Militant Islamist group disbanded in France

PARIS, Jan 23 (KUNA) -- An extremist Islamist group known as "Knights of Pride (Forsane Alizza)" has been disbanded by order of the Interior Ministry for inciting racial hatred, security sources confirmed Monday.
The Muslim group, which has bases in Paris and in the central French city of Limoges, and other cities, denies the accusations.
But the group has already been charged and condemned by French authorities for "inciting national, racial and religious discrimination" by various means, including speech, writings, pictures and electronic media.
The "Knights of Pride" first drew attention to itself 18 months ago during a campaign against the McDonalds fast-food outlet in Limoges, when hooded men handed leaflets to customers and harassed them for eating in restaurants "that support Israel." The group has also publicly espoused violence against officials, particularly in an incident involving a "custard-pie" attack against a Swiss politician.
Members of "Knights of Pride" were quoted as saying acid should have been thrown instead of "custard-pies" in that attack.
The ban on the group will now prevent it from having a formal structure or Association Status and from organising events under its banner. (end) jk.sd KUNA 231443 Jan 12NNNN