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France urges Israel to apply Geneva Convention, Oslo accords

PARIS, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- While declining to officially comment on a French Parliamentary report that criticizes Israel's water policy in the Occupied Territories, officials here urged on Wednesday that Israel respect the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Oslo accords in those regions.
The Fourth Geneva Convention orders the occupying power to ensure basic services to people under its control and the Oslo accords set out conditions for sharing of water between the Israelis and Palestinians.
Agreement on this latter issue is part of the difficult Final Status talks between Israel and the Palestinians side.
The French legislature's report said Israel was practicing a form of "new apartheid policy in the Middle East" in its water policy and also indicated an unequal sharing of the water resources between Israel and the Palestinian population.
"Concerning the problem of water in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, our position is constant: the pertinent conditions of the Oslo accords, as well as the Fourth Geneva Convention, applicable in the occupied Palestinian Territories, must be respected," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said.
"In addition, water is one of the five issues in the final status and will be part of a negotiated agreement between the Israeli and Palestinian parties on the basis of the pertinent elements of international law," the French official added. (end) jk.hb KUNA 181615 Jan 12NNNN