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Kuwait ''freezing cold'' in weekend - official

KUWAIT, Jan 18 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's weather on Thursday will continue to be sunny with light to moderate northwesterly to northerly wind, said Mohammad Karam, Director of Kuwaiti Meteorological Center at The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
Karam told KUNA that the Siberian Front will begin on Friday, and will be picking up towards the region accompanied by very cold winds on the upper atmosphere and then the north westerly winds begin. By day, Karam said, a moderate speed will carry on, developing into a storm of a speed exceeding 70 kmph.
An opportunity is ripe for a sharp decrease in vision due to horizontal dust from the north west of the country (of central and southern Iraq), which is expected to be a source of a dust storm to be heading toward Kuwait and continues until Saturday, he added.
He noted that the temperature will drop sharply, as it would be the lowest since the beginning of the winter season this year; expected to drop to below-zero Celsius in many areas on Saturday night. "Sunday it will be freezing cold," Karam said.
Karam expected the exposed agricultural crops to frost in this period.
As for sea conditions, he said it would rise starting on Friday, advising sea-goers to be careful and cautious due to high waves starting at noon on Friday. (end) mf.rda.mao KUNA 181557 Jan 12NNNN