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Two Iraqis killed, seven injured in Baghdad explosion

BAGHDAD, Jan 6 (KUNA) -- Two Iraqis were killed and seven others were injured in two explosions in southern Baghdad that targeted Shia convoys passing on foot northwards to perform a religious ritual on Friday.
The explosions were triggered by two improvised explosive devices placed on ground in separate regions of the Iraqi capital.
Meanwhile, the Iraqi army announced they had shot dead two armed insurgents who were trying to place explosives in one of the city's villages.
Also, some 15 men believed to be members of the terrorist group, Al-Qaeda, were arrested by the military.
Attacks by explosive devices, suicide bombings and explosive-strapped vehicles targeting Shia convoys heading to the central city of Karbala, to perform the 40th annual commemoration of the holy figure, Imam Al-Hussein, have thus far killed 71 civilians and injured 130 others across various Iraqi cities. (end) mhg.sd KUNA 061958 Jan 12NNNN