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OAPEC convenes in Cairo December 24

By Fajer Al-Hajri

 KUWAIT, Dec 19 (KUNA) -- The Ministerial Council of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) convenes December 24 in Cairo for its 87th session, presided by Bahraini Minister of Energy Abd Al-Husayn Mirza, a press release by OAPEC Monday said.
Topping the agenda are items on the secretariat and judicial authority 2012 budgets, and appointment of an audit bureau for the two bodies' budgets for that same year.
There would also be review of OAPEC activities throughout 2011, including seminars, conferences, and meetings held or attended, technical and economic studies conducted, and developments related to the environment, climate change, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and the Kyoto Protocol.
The release also said OAPEC would honor winners of the 2010 scientific research award, which was on the theme of using latest technologies in oil exploration and production in the Arab region and its economic results.
The ministerial meeting would be preceded by the 131th meeting of the executive bureau, due December 21-22 in Cairo presided by the representative of Bahrain and bureau chairman for the current session Ali Al-Sawwad, which would prepare for the ministerial session.
The OAPEC scientific research prize dates back to the year 1985 when the ministerial council adopted it with the aim of encouraging research in oil-related fields. The studies compiled as a result ultimately help develop the oil industry in its different phases, and the judges panel includes OAPEC and other experts.
All winner research papers are published in the OAPEC magazine as well as on the organization's website.(end) fh.wsa KUNA 191330 Dec 11NNNN