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Iraqi authorities bar VP Al-Hashimi from travel

BAGHDAD, Dec 18 (KUNA) -- The security services of Baghdad International Airport barred Vice President Tareq Al-Hashimi from travel Sunday, one day after reports allegedly implicating him in terrorist acts.
The plane carrying Al-Hashimi and seven bodyguards, some of who are wanted for judiciary, was denied permission to fly to Al-Sulaimaniya airport, north Iraq, a security source at the Baghdad airport told KUNA under the condition of anonymity.
The report was indirectly confirmed by an insider of Al-Hashimi's office who said the plane was still at the Baghdad airport and that the Vice President was en route to Irbil, the provincial capital of Kurdistan region, to meet President Jalal Talabani.
In a statement to KUNA the source denied that Al-Hashimi sought to flee Baghdad after the media campaign targeting him.
The Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Judiciary Council have backed out of plans to disclose "very serious confessions" of suspects implicated in "major terror acts and assassinations," and proved to be close aides to "a top official." The terror suspects include chief of staff of Al-Hashimi's office and chief of his guards, according to leaks revealed by parliamentary sources yesterday.
Earlier today chief of staff of Al-Hashimi's office - a leading figure of Al-Hashimi's Iraqi List, said the government would redeploy armed forces backed by tanks at the Green Zone and offices of some leader of the List.
The List said its MPs would boycott the session of parliament in protest against the ongoing campaign.
The cabinet members from the List have also tabled their resignations from the coalition government to the leaders of the bloc pending a final decision, the List's spokesman Haider Al-Mulla said.
Al-Mulla added that the resigning figures include Al-Hashimi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh Al-Mutlaq. (end) mhg.gb KUNA 182120 Dec 11NNNN