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Assad says Syria dealt "positively" with all initiatives

DAMASCUS, Dec 17 (KUNA) -- Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said Saturday his country dealt "positively" with all proposals to ending the conflict becuase it was "in its (Syria's) interest" that the world knew the truth amidst "distortion of facts." Al-Assad made the remarks during a meeting with visiting Iraqi national security advisor Faleh Al-Fayyadh and MP Ezzat Shahbandar, envoys of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki.
Both sides discussed developments in Syria in specific and the region in general, state media reported.
Al-Assad appreciated "the honest efforts by some Arab countries specially Iraq to helping Syria exist of what it is experiencing." Al-Fayyadh, in a press statement following the meeting, said the talks with Al-Assad were "positive" and dealt with an Iraqi initiative to address the conflict.
"We have explained Iraq's position as to finding peaceful solutions that preserves aspirations of the Syrian people for a democratic change away from foreign intervention and sectarian sedition," he said.
Al-Fayyadh said they would travel to Cairo to follow up the discussions they held in Damascus with the Arab League officials.
Iraq abstained on an Arab League resolution that imposed economic sanctions on the Syrian regime as well as suspending Damascus membership.
Al-Maliki, in a statement two days ago, said his envoys would be visiting Syria to offer the initiative that aimed at opening dialogue between the government and opposition.
Syria has been witnessing wide-scale protests calling for reforms, freedom and regime change. (end) om.tk.bs KUNA 172126 Dec 11NNNN