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No one should be pardoned for "criminal" acts in Syria -- Russia

(WITH POL-US-RUSSIA-SYRIA) MOSCOW, Dec 16 (KUNA) -- Russia confirmed on Friday a Russian-Chinese draft resolution had been put on the table for debate among member states of the United Nations Security Council, stressing "criminal" acts in this country must be punishable.
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Alexander Lukashevich described the draft resolution, in a statement, as objective and balanced, urging both the Syrian authorities and the opposition to stop the violence and hold dialogue on the basis of the Arab League initiative." The draft resolution condemns practices of the extremists who have been roaming the Syrian regions, he said, stressing no one in Syria should be exempted from punishment for "criminal and provocative practices." The spokesman called for speedy dispatch of Arab observers to Syria to assess the conditions and tackle unresolved issues concerning the Arab League and Damascus.
He added that the draft resolution must not be understood as implying a call for outside intervention in the country, warning that such a development would deepen instability across the whole Middle East.
Moreover, he renewed support for the Arab League initiative on Syria, but stopped short of addressing direct warnings to the Syrian leadership. He also indicated that the current visit by the Syrian Vice President, Farouk Al-Sharaa, was part of consultations, conducted by Moscow with both the Damascus government and the opposition.
Moscow has been a close ally to Syria since the times of the defunct Soviet empire. The Russians secure bulk of armament for the Syrian armed forces. (end) as.rk KUNA 161153 Dec 11NNNN