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Kuwaiti-Lebanese ties "historic" - MoI official

Kuwaiti-Lebanese ties "historic" - MoI official
Kuwaiti-Lebanese ties "historic" - MoI official

By Mubarak Al-Hajri

(with photos) BEIRUT, Dec 8 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti-Lebanese relations are "deep-seated and historic," Kuwait's Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Security Affairs Major General Sheikh Mohammad Al-Youssef said Thursday.
In statements to KUNA after meeting with delegations taking part in the 35th Conference of Arab Police and Security Leaders, Al-Youssef said "ties are seeing growth at all levels, supported by exchange of visits on an official level." He also affirmed keenness of both political leaderships, Kuwaiti and Lebanese, on maintaining such level of overall cooperation.
The two-day conference, which was held under the auspices of Lebanese President Michel Suleiman, is scheduled to conclude later today, as it discussed Arab strategy on confronting cyber crimes and security in the Arab world, including a proposal by the Arab Organization for Tourism on the issuing of a tourist-predetermined card to facilitate travel of Arab citizens.
It also tackled issues regarding human rights and working in the police and security fields, police socializing in Arab countries.
High ranking security officials from various Arab countries joined the conference. (pickup previous) mah.hb KUNA 081455 Dec 11NNNN