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Pakistan recognizes Libyan NTC government

ISLAMABAD, Oct 16 (KUNA) -- A day after the opposition criticized the government for delay in according recognition to the National Transition Council government (NTC) of Libya, the Prime Minister on Sunday announced his government's decision to recognize Libya's new government.
Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani talking to newsmen in eastern Lahore city said that he "took the decision to accord recognition four days ago".
However, he added, assessment of the changing situation in Libya took time as it was Pakistan's consistent policy to avoid interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state.
The announcement came as Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N), the main opposition party in the National Assembly, asked the government to recognize the new Libyan setup. "I regret to point out that the government of Pakistan has been extremely slow in taking a clear-cut direction on this critical subject", said PML-N parliamentary leader Ishaq Dar in his letter to the Prime Minister. He said the prime minister would have also noted the reported statement of new Libyan set-up that they would consider replacing the 55,000 Pakistanis working in Libya at present with Indians and other nationalities, in case Pakistan does not recognize the new political set-up in Libya. (end) amn.mt KUNA 161528 Oct 11NNNN