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Tunisian official calls for full partnership with Libya

TUNIS, Oct 8 (KUNA) -- A senior Tunisian government official on Saturday called for comprehensive partnership between his country and the neighboring Arab North African nation, Libya.
"A specific plan for full partnership with Libya to achieve sustainable development should be outlined soon" Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Radhouan Nouicer said on the sideline of the media forum here.
Nouicer said the plan should include definite timetable and working dimensions.
He added that bilateral cooperation agreements signed between the two countries should be activated.
The Tunisian official revealed that the Central Bank of Tunisia has "ambitious plans for giving impetus to the trade exchanges between the two countries and to facilitate financial terms." He noted that the Tunisian Embassy in Libya has resumed work two weeks ago and the staff will be enhanced with representatives of the ministries of trade, employment and development.
"Tunisia also intends to open a liaison office in the Libyan city of Misurata," Nouicer said, adding that it will have a dual political and economical role.
"The government considers opening a permanent exhibition for Tunisian products in the Libyan capital." The official said the government will resume air route between Tunis and Benghazi shortly. (end) nm.ibi KUNA 082257 Oct 11NNNN