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Jordan''s leader reaffirms support to Libyan NTC

AMMAN, Oct 8 (KUNA) -- King Abdullah II of Jordan reiterated Saturday Amman's support of Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) in building a new Libya, including support to the Libyan people and their ambitions.
Remarks by the King came during talks with visiting head of the NTC provisional government Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril.
According to a statement by the Royal court, the two sides discussed the situation in the North African country and cementing Jordanian-Libyan ties, as King Abdullah pledged to continue humanitarian and medical aid to the Libyan people to help the transition to a new era of security and stability.
Jibril expressed his gratitude to Jordan for its support, which, he said, would help his country face the current hardships and rebuild the institutions of a modern state.
During the meeting, attended by Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lt. Gen. Mishaal Al-Zaben and the delegation accompanying the Libyan leader, the head of the provisional government briefed the King on the situation in Libya and the NTC's efforts, in cooperation with the world community, to rebuild the country.
Jibril told Jordan Television and Petra news agency after the meeting that King Abdullah had pledged all forms of support to the Libyan people at this critical stage, "which is a turning point more dangerous than the previous stage." Jibril said the Libyans are now before the tremendous challenges of building the institutions of the state, restoring security to the street and setting up a national army.
The NTC chief said he agreed with the King to send a fully-equipped Jordanian field hospital to Libya and to start founding a joint higher Jordanian-Libyan committee to promote ties in various sectors, including security, health and education.
Jibril added Jordan's aid was of vital importance as the Kingdom has been forthcoming to offer help for Libya to meet reconstruction needs. (end) bsb.mb KUNA 082106 Oct 11NNNN