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France closely monitoring Mauritanian human rights case

PARIS, Oct 5 (KUNA) -- The French government said Wednesday that it was "attentively following" a case brought against former Mauritanian Human Rights Commissioner Lemine Ould Dadde, who was fired from his job last August and has been placed in detention since September 20.
"Lemine Ould Dadde must be able to benefit from all procedure guarantees as well as from a fair and equitable trial," the French Foreign Ministry said.
The former Human Rights Commissioner is accused of misuse of funds after he was audited by government inspectors but no formal charges have as yet been brought.
"Our embassy in Nouakchott is in regular contact with his family, in particular with his wife, a French citizen, and it ensuring she can exercise her visiting rights," the Foreign Ministry said. (end) jk.gta KUNA 051634 Oct 11NNNN