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Moscow strongly denounces killing of son of Syria''s Mufti in Idlib

MOSCOW, Oct 3 (KUNA) -- Russia has strongly condemned the assassination of the son of Syria's Mufti Ahmad Ibn Badruddin Hassoun on the outskirts of the Syrian city of Idlib.
A statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry described this operation as "terrorist", warning that terrorism bears within it the risk of igniting a civil war in the country.
The statement noted that this crime is not the first of its kind in Syria, referring to a series of assassinations targeting figures and citizens advocating for dialogue and peaceful means to get out of the current crisis, including scientists, university professors, senior state officials and members of their families.
The statement expressed the conviction that the terrorist acts, as part of the strategy to topple the Syrian regime by force, would only inflame the dangerous confrontation, which can lead to a civil war in the country. (end) as.tg KUNA 031817 Oct 11NNNN