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Campaign for Tunisian constituent assembly election to start Saturday

TUNIS, Sept 30 (KUNA) -- The Tunisian authorities announced Friday that the electoral campaign of the political parties, coalitions and independent tickets running for the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) election is due to begin tomorrow.
The Constituent Assembly will be the institution tasked with drafting the country's new constitution and then supervising management of public affairs during this transition period.
The electoral campaign already started on September 28 for the Tunisian expatriates and is due to continue till next October 18.
According the preliminary statistics provided by the Independent Higher Authority for the Elections (IHAE), the number of candidates taking part in the NCA race stands at 10,937, distributed among 1,424 tickets fielding candidates in the 27 constituencies across the country.
According to the IHAE statistics, 787 tickets belong to the parties, 587 are independent and 54 are coalitions.
As provided for by the elections decree-law, the electoral campaign starts 22 days before polling day and will close on October 21 at midnight, i.e., 24 hours before voting day, on October 23.
The electoral campaign is monitored for the first time in Tunisia, since Independence, by an independent structure, the Independent Higher Authority for the elections (IHAE), chaired by Kamel Jendoubi.
As regards funding of the campaign, this operation is submitted to the control of the Audit Office and the IHAE, which are entrusted with overseeing the strict implementation of the provisions of the elections decree-law, including following up the electoral campaign and compliance with the principle of equality of chances between the running candidates. (end) jk.mb KUNA 302222 Sep 11NNNN