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France unworried by Council delay in forming Libyan government

PARIS, Sept 19 (KUNA) -- France said on Monday that it was not unduly worried by the delay of the National Transitional Council (NTC) in forming a new Libyan government, but urged this be done "as quickly as possible." A statement from the Foreign Ministry noted that "all democratic processes involve discussions and debate" and it was "natural" that this should take some time in Libya.
"That happens even in the most ancient democracies," Foreign Ministry deputy spokesman Roman Nadal said in a briefing.
"It is, therefore, a difficult exercise in a country that has known almost 42 years of dictatorship," the French official added.
"We continue in our exchanges with the leaders of the National Transitional Council to urge them to appoint, as quickly as possible, a representative and operational government," Nadal indicated.
He said that France has stressed the need for Libyans to unite and reconcile to build their democratic future together. (end) jk.hb KUNA 191533 Sep 11NNNN