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Kuwait calls for restoring Libya''s membership

GENEVA, Sept 19 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait on Monday called on the Human Rights Council to consider restoring Libya's membership in light of pledges stated by the head of the Libyan Transitional Council delegation, Mohammed Al-Ilaqi, at the council meeting today.
Talal Al-Mutairi, the advisor of the Kuwaiti permanent delegation in Geneva, called in an address at the council session for continuing full support for the Libyan people to help them build a modern state, based on laws and justice, as well as boosting human rights that had been breached throughout the era of the (ousted leader Col. Moammar) Gaddafi.
He praised the brave stance of the permanent Libyan mission in Geneva in defense of the Libyan people in the face of injustice and tyranny, practised by the toppled regime.
The State of Kuwait stresses on the sovereignty, independence and territorial sanctity of Libya. It also expresses full solidarity with the brotherly Libyan people.
Kuwait has also expressed deep appreciation for the efforts exerted by the international commission that pondered human rights' status in Libya, and hailed Tripoli's declaration to host international inspectors. (end) ta.rk KUNA 191349 Sep 11NNNN