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Arab league concludes its emergency session over Libya, Syria

CAIRO, Aug 28 (KUNA) -- The Arab League Council concluded early Sunday its emergency session on the level of foreign ministers, where they presented a number of recommendations regarding the situation in Libya and Syria.
The meeting, chaired by Oman, discussed Libya's resumption of its membership in the league after six-month suspension after the league recognized the National Transitional Council (NTC) as a legitimate representative of the North African country.
It also called on the Security Council, and concerned countries, to take full responsibility towards the Libyan people who go through harsh conditions.
It further urged to immediately unfreeze all Libyan assets and properties in order to ensure meeting the Libyan people's needs.
The Arab League called upon the United Nations to recognize Libya's transitional council as one of its members and encouraged the Arab League General Secretary Dr. Nabeel Al-Arabi to follow up on this matter with his United Nation counterpart.
Meanwhile, regarding the Syrian situation, the Arab League Council concluded to send Al-Arabi on an urgent mission to Damascus to relay to the Syrian leadership the council's initiative to resolve the Syrian situation.
It also expressed deep concern over the fall of thousands of victims due to the blood shedding in the country.
It finally stressed on the urgency to stop this blood bath before it is too late in order to ensure a better life, economically, politically and socially for the Syrian people. (end) mfm.bna.nfm KUNA 281230 Aug 11NNNN