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Sarkozy condemns Gaddafi call to continue fighting in Libya

PARIS, Aug 22 (KUNA) -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Monday "condemned in the firmest terms" a call by embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for his forces to continue fighting in that country.
In a statement, Sarkozy said that the end of the Gaddafi regime "is now unavoidable and near" and he labelled the Libyan leader's call for resistance "irresponsible and desperate." Sarkozy also urged forces still loyal to Colonel Gaddafi to turn away from "the criminal and cynical blindness" of their leader and cease fire immediately.
The President confirmed that he had just spoken with the leader of the opposition National Transition Council (NTC), Mahmoud Jibril, and praised his "determination and courage" and the that of his fighters and all the Libyans who have risen up against the regime.
The French leader indicated that he had invited Jibril to Paris on Wednesday for talks.
He also issued a solemn call for all Libyans to adopt a "spirit of reconciliation and unity" during this time of transition and to work towards new and democratic system that would be inclusive of all components of Libyan society. (end) jk.hb KUNA 221556 Aug 11NNNN