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European MPs express solidarity in Gaza visit

GAZA, July 24 (KUNA) -- A European delegation of parliamentarians crossed into Gaza's Rafah land border crossing with Egypt on Sunday, to show solidarity with the Palestinians.
The delegation includes 17 MPs of varied political backgrounds from several European countries.
Awaiting the delegation was the First Deputy Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmad Bahar, along with a number of Palestinian parliamentarians.
Bahar, in a press conference at the Rafah border, expressed hope the lawmakers would go back home and speak of the suffering of the people of Gaza due to the Israeli-imposed siege.
"The world should respect the right of the Palestinian people for freedom and independence. We want our voice to be heard by every parliament and the international community," he said.
The delegation's chief, British Labour Party MP Tony Lloyd said the visit intends to illustrate the European parliaments' respect of the rights of Palestinian people and aims to increase European awareness on the humanitarian crisis Gazans are living in.
The delegation hopes Palestinians are given hope for a better life and future, and supports life returning to normal for the Palestinians.
He added that the delegation is set to carry out visits to medical and vital state institutions, to take a first-hand look at the consequences of the siege. (end) mzt.sd KUNA 242339 Jul 11NNNN