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Arab League readies to take Palestinian recognition to UN

CAIRO, July 21 (KUNA) -- The Arab League announced Thursday that it is embarking on preparing a comprehensive bid to the United Nations to recognize Palestine as an independent state on the border of the fourth of June 1967 including East Jerusalem as its capital.
"Following the failure of the peace process, Palestinians and the Arabs have no other way than resorting to the UN and freezing absurd negotiations," Assistant Secretary General for Palestine Affairs Ambassador Mohamed Subeih told reporters.
Subeih added that the ministerial meeting of Arab Peace Initiative Committee held in Doha recently has assigned the Arab League to take over the recognition bid to the UN.
He noted Arab ambassadors all over the world were commissioned to promote the bid and study the available options in this regard.
The US has voiced clear opposition to the Palestinian plan and even threatened to stop channel financial aid to the Palestinian Authority, if it went ahead with the plan.
UN membership requires a recommendation from the Security Council and approval by two-thirds of the General Assembly, or 128 countries.
Over 100 countries, including several eastern EU members as well as Brazil, China, India, Russia and South Africa, endorsed the Palestinian 1988 declaration of independence, but the United States has threatened to veto any vote for the recognition of Palestinian statehood.(end) mfm.rg.ibi KUNA 211822 Jul 11NNNN